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Spring Gems for Allergy Season!!

As the winter blast continues to become a distant memory, Spring is finally in the air. As the flowers blossom and the tree’s bloom, spring time becomes one of the best seasons to enjoy some of those outdoor activities. But with all the beauty of spring, it can still be a difficult season for allergy sufferers. Itchy eyes, a runny nose, and sneezing, can all be uncomfortable. The most important thing allergy sufferers should remember during this season, is to identify their triggers. Triggers are those things that make your allergy flare up[ pollen is normally the main culprit in seasonal allergies.

Below are a couple of Spring Gems!! That may help you better manage your seasonal allergies this spring:

  •  Outdoor Activities: During the mid-day, pollen counts tend to be generally higher. So try to plan your activities in the early morning or the early evening when the pollen count is low.
  • Keep those windows closed: During the spring, it’s always nice to have the windows down in the car or house to get a nice smell of the spring fresh air. But remember pollen is everywhere, using the air condition more during the spring reduces your exposure to pollen.
  • Remember your pets: We all love our pets, but pets can carry pollen on their fur. Be sure that if your pet spends moderate amounts of time outdoors, keep them from coming into you bedroom and laying on your bed, until they have been bathed.
  • Change your clothes often: Spring outdoor activities are always fun, but pollen has a way of sticking to your skin and clothes. Remember when playing outdoors during high pollen periods, shower (remembering to shampoo your hair) and change your clothes once inside the house. Wearing clothing such as long sleeves and pants that are light weight, will help reduce pollen exposure.
  • Have you checked the pollen count today: Checking your area’s pollen count daily can really help you plan your day better, when determining the best time to be outdoors engaging in activities. According to the academy of allergy, asthma and immunology national allergy bureau, they offer daily pollen and mold levels by the area. It’s a real great tool!
  • I’m singing in the rain:” Although you may like the bright, warm sun rays of the spring and summer, rain for the allergy sufferers is not half bad either. Engaging in outdoor activities on cooler, rainy days could be beneficial for allergy sufferers, because the pollen typically s on the ground during the rain, not in the air. ***just be sure you come back in to get dried off….we don’t want you to catch a cold!!
  • No line drying this spring: Drying your clothes on an outside line instead of in the dryer, increases the chances of pollen exposure, as the pollen settles on your clothes if they have been outside. It is best to use your dryer during the pollen season,

Remember, there are many safe medications that offer allergy relief that are found over the counter. As a diabetic, it’s important to know that some medications do raise blood sugar levels, so please be sure to consult your provider before starting any medication therapy on your own. Allergy season can be tough to navigate through, but you can get through it.. Use some of the tips provided above, talk with your doctor, but most importantly get out there and  enjoy spring!!!


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